Business-thinking is one of our two driving competencies.

Pioneers in “Breakthrough Management” in Europe, we have developed high-performance tools and methodologies that guarantee a strategic and operational impact at all levels of the company.

Business boosting

We intervene on a regular basis at board level, to establish the vision, mission, strategy and objectives of the company. We support the management in translating the vision into specific objectives, strategies and tactics for each area of business. We developed an integrated methods and tools suite that supports a “Management By Objectives” approach at all levels of the company.

Integrated Sustainable Development (ISD)

The majority of our clients, their customers, their board of directors or governors are attuned to Sustainable Development. Very early on we developed sustainable development strategies and dashboards to help transform this board-level with tangible results.


A solid network of business leaders and investors is at our disposal in Switzerland and abroad. We assist our clients in their search for partners. Be it in the creation of a joint venture, the integration of new structures or the sale of a company or subsidiary; Our help includes restructuring plans and localization.

Creation of business models and organizations

We have successfully developed business plans from scratch for our clients. Once the business plan is adopted, we create the necessary structures, install relevant resources and provide support until the objectives are met. We often exceeded these objectives!

Commercial development in Asia and Middle-East

Based on our long term experience, we have helped European industrial companies of all sizes to develop advantageous business in Asia and in the Middle-East.


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