Processes & organization

We have recognized competencies in development and improvement of processes and organizations.
Our key domains are:

  • ISO processes and performance indicators
  • Benchmarking
  • Internal Control System (ICS)
  • Risk Management
  • Problem Solving Methods
  • Methodologies
  • Supply chain and Logistics

ISO processes and Performance Indicators
Integrated Management System setup, process deployment, Quality assurance, knowledge transfer and  certification.

Identification of the criteria, creation of frameworks, data acquisition, data mining, analysis, recommendations, feedback and reporting to all the participants.
Internal Control System (ICS)
Implementation of the Internal Control System, process deployment and key risk analysis, transfer of competence, support all the way up to the external audit.

Risk Management
Implementation of the Risk Management System, identification and analysis of operational & trading risks, implementation and management of corrective actions, competence transfer.

Problem Solving Methodology
A problem is the difference between “what is” and “what should be”. We have developed a very effective methodology for the rapid alignment of the processes and behaviors towards “what should be”. We do this in a participative and consensual way.

The goal of our methods is to improve the effectiveness of people and tools by working smarter. We set up and train staff with tools based on best practices. 

Logistics / Supply chain
We deploy our “process & organization” and “IT” competencies to optimize all the value chain, from the suppliers to the end users. We are also active in logistics outsourcing projects.


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